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Injury Free Programming

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Recent advances in sports science have made it possible for sports staff to achieve the highest degree of injury prevention in history. Professional teams and athletes incorporate unique, up-to-date systems integrated into their programs to allow this to happen. 

However - these methods have yet to reach the semi pro, amateur athlete community. Many of the techniques utilized by the pro's can be used in the amateur community with excellent efficiency. 

All you need to do in order to start YOUR injury free program is to fill out the form below. You'll get contacted by our certified, trained staff and get informed on how we can help you work hard, compete and win- without injuries!

So Start today- contact us!

Injury Free Programming is run by Dan Cohen- sports Physical Therapist, athletic trainer, lecturer and teacher. Dan is a load monitoring and sports injury prevention speaker at various events for coaches and trainers and he works with semi pro and amateur athletes for injury prevention and injury treatment at his private clinic.

** Filling out the form is considered agreement to receive additional information by mail regarding services provided to you with cost. Filling out the form does not bind you in any way to make a purchase or other commitment to our services.

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